Thursday, August 22, 2013

Newest Eyeglass Treatment Options for Macular Degeneration Low Vision

Telemicroscopic glasses are used for reading and seeing when high amounts of magnification are required as in advancing macular degeneration.  These are a multi-lens systems combining the function of a telescope and a microscope.  In glasses, telemicroscopes can be consider "spectacle-mounted loupes".

Telescopic Reading Glasses for Macular Degeneration

A major benefit of telemicroscopes, in contrast to high power single lens magnifying eyeglasses lenses that require very short viewing distances, telemicroscopes allows people to see and work at a more "normal" or "arm's length" viewing distance. This is beneficial for playing card games, knitting, reading music, and using the computer.
Telemicroscopes often have an extra removable lens cap that fits over the end of the telescope and allows the user to focus close for reading or other near tasks.  The focusing cap can even swing up out of the way. The focusing cap can also have dual powers.

Magnification Swing Reading Lens for Macular Degeneration

Multiple reading cap magnification powers  are available depending on the level of vision and what needs to be seen.  As magnification increases, the field of view becomes smaller and the viewing distance shortens.  This is due to laws of physics and optics.
                                                YouTube Spectacle Miniature Telescopes

Telephoto Microscopes offer very high magnification power.  These lens designs are fit monocularly due to the their high power.  The eyes are not able to fuse the two eyes so the best eye is chosen to do the seeing.

Split reading lens for macular degeneration allows different levels of magnification.  This allows different viewing distances.  For example, playing cards on the table can be viewed through the  top while the cards in the hand can be seen through the bottom.

Proper illumination is essential for better reading ability for macular degeneration.  This is especially true with reading telescopes.

Implantable Miniature Telescopes offer an alternative to Spectacle Miniature Telescopes.  The implant is placed in one eye.

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